Books by Alyce Parsons

Alyce Parsons’ Text books used by FIT, and Fashion Schools Worldwide:

Getting to Y.E.S. (Your Essential Style) Finding Your “Hidden Resource” to Maximize Personal and Professional Success (2004) (Out of Print)
Universal Style for Men (1993) (Out of print)
Universal Style: Dress for Who You Are and What You Want (1990) (Out of print)
P.A.S.S.: ProportionAnalysis/Style Selection (1981) (Out of print)
What’s My Style? Create a Look and Build a Wardrobe with the Universal Style System (1995) (Out of print)

Here's what people are saying about Universal Style:

  • "I work with my clients as unique individuals and support them with colour and style selections that not only look but feel fabulous.  That's what Universal Style does. It is a superbly thought-through system that every image consultant needs to help our clients, corporate or individual, put their signature to personalizing clothes, accessories and the complete outfit." Christina Ong AICI CIP, founder & managing director, Imageworks Asia; Academy of Imageworks Asia   
  • "The Universal Style books have been invaluable in the industry.  They are the ‘Gold standard’, of the style systems. It is detailed with complete illustrations. The concepts are valid, user-friendly and easy for the client to grasp. Coralyn Lundell and I use it as part of our curriculum in our style classes at CDI.  I also use it with my clients.” Sharon Chrisman, AICI CIP, Master Color Designer, CDI; Coralyn Lundell, AICI CIP, Master Color Designer, CDI; co-directors of the Appearance Design Institute       
  • “I love Alyce Parson's Universal Style System for getting to the heart of a person's authenticity, and showing us how to be who we really are. The logical and comprehensive profile combined with the inner essence and outer expression of each style gives an in-depth understanding of ourselves.” Karen Brunger, BHEc, AICI CIP, president, the Association of Image Consultants International; director, International Image Institute, Toronto, Canada
  • “Alyce Parsons has created a most intriguing way to consider one’s style. As she describes the qualities of the seven Universal Styles she developed, all of us can find ourselves and the qualities that define our particular style.  Alyce is a real pro when it comes to both the Enneagram and the world of style. My hat goes off to her for creating another meaningful way to find ourselves, and identify our way of being most successful in the world. Well done!” Dr. Meredith Young-Sowers, author of Spirit Heals, Wisdom Bowls, Angelic Messenger Cards, Agartha; director, Stillpoint Foundation and School of Integrative Life Healing
  • “As an image coach based in Australia with over 20 years experience throughout the Asia-Pacific region, I have encountered many style programs in that time. I find the wonderful thing about Alyce Parsons’ Universal Style System is its head-to-toe analysis combined with intuitive perception that results in an ideal meshing of clients inner-and-outer beauty.” Jon-Michail, founder and CEO, Image Group International
  • “Alyce Parsons and her message of style sense rings true with our guests, who gain a tremendous amount of insight into their own approach to fashion. Her style techniques have also been an asset to our staff members in creating a great first impression, so critical in the hospitality industry.” Roxanne Housley, Canyon Ranch vice president of sales, marketing & strategic alliances
  • The Universal Style Guide books have been invaluable foundation texts for our students of the Certificate Programs in Image Consulting at both Parsons School of Design and Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and the Image Resource Center of NY Image Builder Training Programs.  The style principles stand the test of time, are logical, fun to learn and do so very powerfully impact the clothing lives of our professional consultants and our clients.“ Dominique Isbecque, AICI, CIP, executive director, Image Resource Center of NY LLC